About Us

“We Help You Select Reliable Online Sellers and Great Discount Deals in All Shopping Categories.”

With millions of websites floating online, it has become extremely difficult for online buyers to distinguish between scam and reliable sellers. Unfortunately majority of the online sellers today are only interested in making sales and capturing a bigger online market share than their competitors. To attract potential buyers they either make false claims or do marketing gimmicks. They do it so brilliantly, that many buyers end up purchasing from them. Once the buyers pay and purchase the products from such sellers, they realize that everything was nothing but a hoax and a marketing stunt. And this is what we at Shopper-Consulting help you avoid.

Shopper-Consulting- Your Online Shopping Advisor

Shopper-Consulting is your online shopping advisor. We are dedicated to providing online shoppers quality, unbiased and detailed reviews on different websites across industries from around the world. We strive to deliver the best online shopping experience by finding you reliable online sellers and fabulous discount deals and offers. We review sites across categories including books, clothing, food, music, travel & leisure, health, business and more.

With us, you don’t have to worry about falling for a scam or making a poor buying decision as we only recommend those online sellers that meet our criteria.

How We Work?

To help you find the best online vendors, we have a team of passionate, adroit and unbiased researchers. Our researchers analyze each website under study in detail and evaluate the vendor on the following criteria: quality of products and service offerings, customer service, delivery, return policy and website usability. If the website under study meets the criteria then we post the review of that site on our website for our readers to view.

At Shopper-Consulting our goal is to help you make the best buying decision and enjoy shopping online!